bringing the Light to a dark world


Repurposing useful, non-end of life PV solar components into small off grid and grid tie systems for the poorest of the poor. We take donated PV panels, batteries and other necessary components, some used – some new, some of which we purchase, and we build specific PV solar systems capable of running a home owner’s basic lights, a refrigerator and other small appliances with a minimal of maintenance required and at no cost to the recipients.

Our gifting is done in conjunction with YWAM’s Homes of Hope initiative, and other charitable organizations home building efforts, installing these systems during or immediately after the home is constructed.

YWAM and these other groups we work with, donate the homes they build to each family “gratis”, amounting to hundreds of residences built and gifted in Mexico, Costa Rica, Haiti and at least 18 other third world countries, each year.

And likewise, our gifting is “gratis”, no strings attached as well.

The need is great and working for the Son solar has a lot of catching up to do…

We would love to have your help; click here to find out how you can be a part of what we do and how to participate by donating cash, gifts or materials. Thank you.