bringing the Light to a dark world


repeat means we want the whole process of repurposing and recycling to continue onward and outward to the communities we provide our message and our services too, by providing a scalable, comprehensive, repeatable solar energy services model through hands on training and education, designed to bring others along, where we find them, in country and out, and raise them up in our philosophy of responsible, sustainable solar energy independence and entrepreneurial spirit

We accomplish this in country, primarily, through identifying interested and capable persons and through training and educating, teach these indigenous persons to understand, design, build, operate and maintain these systems, as an entrepreneurial venture, sponsored and supported by us until these local business persons and their venture become self-sustaining.

We would love to have your help; click here to find out how you can be a part of what we do and how to participate by donating cash, gifts or materials. Thank you.