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In-house and in conjunction with our international partners, ensure that components donated to us that HAVE reached their end of life or need to be and can be refurbished, are kept out of our landfills. These components are evaluated and then either repaired or responsibly recycled.  The financial advantage to a company donating these materials to working for the Son solar, inc., helps lower the decommissioning cost as we can grant back to the companies a portion, in a gift letter based upon general accounting principal and practices, of the donated materials value to our purposes. We recently did so with about 10 tons of “solar panel waste” broken glass panels and those determined to be salvageable to facilities operated by our global recyclable and refurbishing partners. In this way we keep our core GREEN promise to our donors, provide some relief to companies decommissioning systems the high cost of recycling PV panels and components and provide another stream of reusable, raw materials to help keep responsibly propelling forward the sustainability of the solar industry.

We would love to have your help; click here to find out how you can be a part of what we do and how to participate by donating cash, gifts or materials. Thank you.